Long time no type!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while hasn’t it?  I’ve been rather quiet as their hasn’t been much to talk about.  In a nutshell, Car trouble, foot trouble and general ‘blah’ kept me at home last year but with a new car, a new bike coming tomorrow and rapidly healing feet, I should be more active (and therefore hopefully more interesting!) next year. In the meantime, have … Continue reading Long time no type!

Words fail me.

Every so often you come across an aspect of Human nature that makes your blood boil.  Today’s case in point is the Spring Hunt which happens in Malta every year. So, what does it entail? The odd rabbit or Quail for the pot?   No, this is the time of year when ‘brave’ so-called men go out and blast everything with feathers from Storks down to … Continue reading Words fail me.

Listen up!

Among my many pleasure in life is music.  I have everything from Tony Bennet, to Slipknot and Ben Howard in my collection.  So, this weekend I wanted to introduce you to some new music I have discovered on Spotify. To follow me, just open the program and look for user name Gaina Cee. I particularly recommended Beck’s new album Morning Phase.  I also like Boy … Continue reading Listen up!