24-Hour Stay Awake CANCELLED!

I’ve just received word that the event I was going to use to do my 24-hour stay awake for Coppafeel has been cancelled.

I’ve closed the page, and contacted all but one of the donors to see if they want a refund.  There’s one anonymous donor so if you’d like to contact me for a refund please let me know.

**SIGH** Back to the drawing board! :-P


A gentle reminder.

Hello All,

Hope you’re all enjoying some warmth and sun at last, wherever you may be as I type this.

Do you remember last year I raised some money for a breast cancer charity called ‘Coppafeel’ with my trusty handcycle ‘Florence’?

Well, this is just a gentle reminder than I’m at it again.  No bikes this year, instead I will be staying awake for 24hours during a local wildlife event called Avalon 24 on May 24th/25th.

If you’d like to go to my Just Giving page and sponsor me for this event I’d be very grateful.

You can also TEXT:

  • BEES66
  • With the amount ( e.g. £1)
  • To 70070

Thank you!!


Last Saturday was my birthday and my parents contributed to my new Bushnell NatureView HD Max Trail Cam.

This little magic box is the most fun I’ve had in ages! It’s so exciting to get up in the morning, take out the SD card and download it all onto my PC to see what’s been in my garden.  I’ve got tons of footage but I’ve whittled it down to the best bits (I think). Enjoy!


Four-legged Fellon.

Week 1.



Listen up!

Among my many pleasure in life is music.  I have everything from Tony Bennet, to Slipknot and Ben Howard in my collection.  So, this weekend I wanted to introduce you to some new music I have discovered on Spotify.

To follow me, just open the program and look for user name Gaina Cee.

I particularly recommended Beck’s new album Morning Phase.  I also like Boy and Bear, Half Moon Run and Blind Pilot.

I’ve set up an collaborative play list called NEW where you can drop some suggestions of your own :D.


It’s that time again!

WP has kindly reminded me it’s time for my weekly blog.  

The weather has been so truly foul that I’ve not ventured outdoors at all, so nothing exciting to report.  I was supposed to be going Blokarting this weekend but the weather’s seen to that!  Poopy.

I shall, instead direct you to my Instagram account as I’ve been playing with that this week. 

I really didn’t see what the big deal was when I first saw people jumping on the Instagram trend but with the purchase of a smart phone I decided to give it a go and I love it! I have lacked the enthusiasm to be creative since I graduated from my Art degree but something so simple makes you think really hard about what you want to photograph and it’s reignited my spark!

I’ve also continued to give my Red Bubble portfolio a major clean up and I’m hoping that’ll help prompt some sales. I think switching my focus more to Android and Iphone and Ipad covers might have been a good move, but we’ll see.

Have a nice weekend folks!