Words fail me.

Every so often you come across an aspect of Human nature that makes your blood boil.  Today’s case in point is the Spring Hunt which happens in Malta every year.

So, what does it entail? The odd rabbit or Quail for the pot?   No, this is the time of year when ‘brave’ so-called men go out and blast everything with feathers from Storks down to tiny songbirds out of the sky.  Most of these birds are en-route to their Spring breeding grounds in the UK, so of course the ones who don’t get here won’t breed, plunging already vulnerable species like Marsh Harrier and Turtle doves (Amber and Red Listed respectively by the RSPB) further into decline.

Chris Packham a Naturalist and BBC presenter has spend a week in Malta observing the hunt. Make no mistake, this was a dangerous thing for him to do.  As you’ll see in the episodes one nature reserve owner has been shot several times by hunters who do their best to intimidate the people trying to stop this utterly senseless slaughter.

These video’s contains scene that frankly made me cry, and I make no apologies when I say I hope you find them infuriating and deeply upsetting too.  The link below takes you to a playlist so you can see all 7 episodes.

Malta – Massacre on Migration

I hope this has moved you sufficiently to help Birdlife in their attempts to end this practice once and for all.  Please go to chrispackham.co.uk to find out how you can help.