Little Acorns.

Adventures don’t have to be massive undertakings involving discomfort or huge physical effort.  Anything new that puts you a little outside your comfort zone is a good thing.

With that in mind I tried my hand at Willow Weaving last weekend with a lovely man called Ivor Hancock who is nearly 80 and has been a weaver since he was 14.

You can watch Ivor talking about his life and work HERE

We made a simple bread tray that would take him about half an hour….and took me 6 and a half hours! haha.  It’s way more physical than I had anticipated and I was really glad of the weight training I’ve been doing for the last year!  I got in a pickle a few times but Ivor was very attentive and reassuring, helping me undo and re-weave rows until I got it right.   The end product is small and slightly wonky, but useful.  A bit like me. 😛


I definitely want to try this again because it was difficult but I enjoyed the challenge and would love to get it right.  I checked out the tools and materials I would need and once you have the tools (which come in at about £50 in total) it’s actually a relatively cheap hobby.


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