New Shoes.

I went for my first consultation with my new Orthotist (shoe maker) on Friday.  For the first time ever, it’s a lady (normally men up to now). She’s called Monica and she’s really nice!

She asked me lots of questions and listened, which was great and we discussed what I didn’t like about the monstrous boots and calipers I haven’t been able to walk in.  She was quite horrified by the weight and sheer….wrongness off them and is confident that we can get something much lighter and they sound like they’ll be quite stylish by NHS standards!

Happily I can have a below-knee caliper for my left leg as well as the full length one I need so I can have some ankle stability when I’m riding my bike.

Once we’ve got the fit right, it’s off the Physio Therapist as I haven’t walked properly for over 10 years.  I think I’m looking at more rehab that Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears combined at this point! Haha.

I’m very excited to be getting back on my feet and I think the physio will help greatly with my overall fitness too.

The next stage is a ‘first fitting’ in a few weeks time. I’ll keep you posted on events as they progress. 🙂


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