Over the last few days I have gained

Over the last few days I have gained a lot of followers (hello, thank you for following!).  I always check profiles to make sure my blog is not associated with anyone who holds views that go against my own (y’know, racism, misogyny, homophobia – the usual stuff that reasonable people object to) and I saw an image that disturbed me of a person being photographed with a monkey who was obviously a photographers prop.

I’m not going to name you, I don’t know you yet and you’re probably a perfectly nice animal lover who understandable couldn’t resist a cute fluffy little guy who reminds us of ourselves.

Lots of well meaning people are suckered by these photographers and have no idea of the cruelty and suffering that lead these intelligent and sensitive animals to the point at which you had your photograph taken with them.  I will just leave you with a little information.

Born Free Alert – Photographers Props

And I’ll leave you on a happy note to show where the lucky few end up. Monkey World

Please take a moment to read ‘A Tribute to Charlie‘ (.pdf)

Thank you x




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