One week in.

So, it’s been about a week since I accepted the challenge and I think I’m making slow but steady progress.

Whilst browsing on-line for advice on how I should train for my little adventures, I found The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability which not only has advice on exercise and healthy eating but also gives you the opportunity to customise your own 14-week fitness program with video’s and blogs as well as email reminders for your exercise schedule.  I’m finding it very helpful and easy to stick to the exercises.  It seems to work best for me if I use their ideas for exercises alongside things that I’ve worked out for myself like ‘sit crossed legged on the floor and hold your arms out straight in front of you for 60 seconds’.  It sounds almost too simple to be effective, but really does work my core muscles whilst not putting any strain on my spine, which I have to be careful with.

I’ve also made an appointment for a rep from Team Hybrid to come and give me a more in-depth demo of the Cougar/Quickie GPV handcycle and measure me up.  I’m SO excited!  Once I get my bike I intend to be out for an hour at least every other day, as I’m lucky enough to have some great cycle routes literally on my doorstep.

Food wise? I have a pretty healthy diet already (luckily I was never cursed with a sweet tooth) but I’m trying to reduce things like chips and add more rice or veggies, for example.  Most importantly I’m not cutting out the things I like entirely, just making sure I eat them in moderation because if you deny yourself a bit of what you fancy completely you’re going to crave it and probably end up eating too much of it when you do succumb to temptation.

So, that’s my progress so far.  The next challenge-related blog will probably be September when I have my demo.  I’ll keep you all posted. x


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