Never Dare a Fool

Remember the Bucket List I started last year?  Well, an item that wasn’t even on my radar when I wrote it has not only entered the running but moved to the top of the list and it all started with an innocent comment on facebook:

Me: I want to get fit. I mean FIT….like ‘my own mother wouldn’t recognise me’ fit.

*Dave: Gaina, how’s about you set yourself a little challenge this summer to help us reach our goal of £100,000 for CoppaFeel! Part of the way we’re doing this is encouraging others to get fit, get healthy and embrace adventure….

Me: I’m up for that!!

So here I am, four days later plotting a couple of micro adventures in aid of ‘CoppaFeel!’ My plan is to complete 5 treks of between 3.8 and 11.83 miles in length and raise £1,000 in total (a modest, attainable goal I think and one I’ll be very happy to over-shoot fund raising-wise).  I’m doing them in five ‘bite size chunks’ as this is more realistic for a beginner like me than taking on one massive task.  I don’t do failure so it would be really daft to set myself up for one in the first instance.  I have also planned my routes so that they gradually increase in difficulty and build me up to the ‘big one’ – 11.83 miles.

Some local friends have volunteered to do it with me because I know I’m going to need someone to kick my bum at some stage during the training and I in turn will be there to kick theirs should it be necessary! Haha.

I already knew that my bog-standard ‘armchair on wheels’ wasn’t going to cut it for this adventure so I planned to do it on a Mountain Trike, which I tried at a local mobility Expo last week.  It’s a Cracking piece of kit, so I definitely want one (subject to a week’s hire to try it out on my own turf), but I whilst I was there I also tried a Team Hybrid Handcycle which I also loved.

They both work out totally different muscle groups and have different pros and cons.  I can get the hybrid in my new WAV but not the Mountain Trike so the MT is restricted to home turf or going out with someone who can get it in their car whereas I can take the hybrid where the hell I like.  Whilst tough, the hybrid can’t take as much punishment terrain-wise as the MT but that actually fits in quite nicely for alternating between off-road training and road work.

When I told Dad what I’d agreed to first he chuckled in a ‘That’s my Girl!’ kind of way then pointed out that maybe I hadn’t thought this through but if you think too much before saying ‘Yes’ sometimes you’ll just come up with a raft of excuses why you can’t do it and talk yourself out of things that could change your life.

Training wise? I’m getting my mindset right first by getting myself to bed at a decent time and getting up earlier.  When I go out for my walks with Mum and Dad I’m leaving my nice comfy ‘armchair on wheels’ at home and opting for the basketball chair I used when I was working.  It has no push handles so if I get stuck or tired, tough shit I’ll just have to grit my teeth and push through it.

Now all I need is for the weather to play ball and I can start training seriously – I don’t mind a bit of rain personally but stair-rod rain showers completely with thunder and lightning is just a bit more than my current chair can handle!

My biggest challenge at the moment is trying to balance my determination with flexibility because I am the worst person in the world for single-mindedness when I have a goal and I get really annoyed with myself if I slip from the schedule and exacting standards I’ve set myself (even when those standards were unrealistically high in the first place – I’m a chronic perfectionist).   I have being doing my research and I reckon it’s going to take me about 8 weeks to get fit enough for this challenge, but in the meantime it can’t hurt to get into good rest/sleep routines and work out when the weather allows.

Watch this space.

*Read about Dave HERE.


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