Brakes off!!

So, barely 24 hours ago I was telling you how Mercury Retrograde isn’t necessarily a disaster and you shouldn’t be scared to do things during a ‘Mercury Rx’ phase.

Today was a perfect example of the good side of Mercury Rx. I went on a ‘Tweet Up’ – a meeting of old friends and new who all met on Twitter – at Shapwick Heath Nature reserve (a return visit to the reserve for most of us).   My drive over there was lovely, I felt really relaxed and there was far less traffic about than I’ve experienced before at that time on a Saturday (both going and coming back), we all got along famously and I’ve become very clear-headed as the day has progressed.  I knew I needed to be outdoors badly, but just not how badly until I realized I was feeling far more relaxed and clear in my mind than I’ve been for ages.

We did get rained on and there were a few short sections of the reserve I couldn’t get on but we negotiated an alternative round for me and the organizer Andrew to meet with the group again for the majority of the planned route that was accessible.  I also did something I wouldn’t normally do.  I hired the four-wheel scooter belonging to the reserve. I was going to get some hard work in but something just didn’t feel right when I was pushing up one of the ramps.   For some reason I was struck with the urge to be sensible and take the scooter. I’m so glad I did because it made the day far, far more pleasant not having to stop and get my breath back.  This tells me the lines of communication with my own body are getting better too, along with my ability to pay attention to my own body and do as I’m bloody well told when it says ‘take it easy’!   Haha.

I’m now very, very drowsy having driven so I’m going to pay attention to my body again by having an early(ish) night.  That’s if my neighbours decide to end their party and turn off the music by 11pm.

I’ll leave you with my only photograph of the day, a Slow Worm.



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