As an Agnostic Pagan I don’t ‘believe’ in anything and do not follow a religion with rules attached.  I live my spiritual path by striving to ensure that every word, thought and action is harmonious and causes no unnecessary harm to my environment or the physical and emotional welfare of my fellow human beings.  I also work in harmony with energies that have proven their existence to me on numerous occasions.

One such energy that I’ve witnessed in action many times is Mercury Retrograde.  I did an experiment once whereby I paid no attention whatsoever to planetary alignments and activities for several months, but kept a note of particularly significant events in my life over that time.

The result was quite interesting.  Anything to do with travel, contracts or domestic and global conflict borne of a failure to communicate effectively happened – you’ve guessed it – when mercury was retrograde.   Now don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t for one moment suggest anyone live their life and make decisions solely by the state of planetary alignments, but it does no harm to bear these in mind when important decisions are to be made.  Also planets go ‘retrograde’ in different sections of each person’s chart so you have to take that into account when deciding what a retrograde phase of any planet will mean for you, not just Mercury.

Lately I’ve been feeling a growing need to retreat, meditate, re-evaluate and process the events of the last six or seven months (and believe me, there is a LOT to process).  And guess what’s slipping into reverse gear on Sunday?  Yup, our Wing-Footed pal Mercury.

Mercury Retrograde also often heralds a re-emergence of issues that arose on the last retrograde phase as well as a chance to re-discover interests and re-uptake some good habits that one may have let slip.  For me that means getting back into a meditation routine and reaffirming my Pagan roots.  Ironically I think this is also a good time for me to start communicating again via my blog about deeper, more spiritual matters.   My blogs might not even take on a textual form, I’ll just let thoughts and ideas express themselves in whatever form they chose. I have also put up my trestle table and I don’t know if it’ll be used for wild creativity or remain untouched. I have no idea if I’ll be picking up a camera, a paintbrush or a stash of beads.  We’ll just have to wait and see.


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